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Frequently Asked Questions

FLYNT Aluminum Paint


FLYNT ALUMINUM PAINT is an industrial grade aluminum paint invented in Hillsboro, Texas many years ago. It is made from a bodied linseed oil, which is water and alkali resistant. This oil gives the paint elasticity to withstand the expansion and contraction of metal surfaces without harmful effects. The vehicle of the paint performs very similarly long oil spar varnish type vehicles. Thus, FLYNT ALUMINUM PAINT gives satisfactory results with exterior and interior applications. It dries to a tough, elastic film with a lustrous finish.

What is different about FLYNT ALUMINUM PAINT?

FLYNT ALUMINUM PAINT contains no lead driers or asphalt. Therefore, it remains stable in the can and lasts for ears and years. It does not darken or discolor. If the lid of the can is replaced tightly, the paint will not skin. One gallon covers approximately 800 sq. ft. on metal surfaces. When FLYNT ALUMINUM PAINT is applied, 6-8 layers of aluminum flakes come to the top as it dries to form the metal layer which protects against weather, rust, sun, etc. It also covers metal surfaces that have already rusted, and will prevent further rust corrosion.

What can FLYNT ALUMINUM PAINT be used for?

FLYNT ALUMINUM PAINT is ideal for metal storage tanks, metal buildings, roofs, propane tanks, gas & oil storage tanks, fire hydrants, water plant applications, playground equipment, bridges, guard rails or any surfaces that are exposed to the elements. it can be brushed, sprayed or rolled.

How can FLYNT ALUMINUM PAINT can save you money?

FLYNT ALUMINUM PAINT will lower your costs because it is long-lasting (in many cases, 7 years or more). It reduces maintenance expenses through its unique protection of both wood and metal. Typically, aluminum reflects up to 75% of the radiant energy striking it. Due to FLYNT ALUMINUM PAINT's capacity to maintain its high reflectability over a long period of time, it can substantially reduce evaporation losses in storage tanks. It is also available in spray cans.

FLYNT White, Tan, Pearl Gray, AND Specialty Color Paints

What is different about FLYNT WHITE, FLYNT TAN

FLYNT WHITE, FLYNT TAN, and FLYNT PEARL GRAY, and SPECIALTY COLOR paint are polyurethane based paints that do not only provide a gloss finish, but the added protection from the polyurethane. This gives you superior, longer lasting protection from the weather, better than the alkyd paints, which are based on an earlier technology.

What are the advantages of FLYNT WHITE, FLYNT TAN and FLYNT PEARL GRAY paint?

There are many advantages of using FLYNT WHITE, FLYNT TAN and FLYNT PEARL GRAY paint. The first is suitability for field application. Most of the time it is not feasible to bring what you want to paint (ex. propane tank) to your lot in order to sandblast it. FLYNT WHITE, FLYNT TAN and FLYNT PEARL GRAY paint both provide attractive finishes when applied in the field, as well as excellent performance. They are specially formulated with a lower viscosity for better workability in painting. FLYNT WHITE provides a true white finish. FLYNT TAN and PEARL WHITE PAINT have excellent hiding power. They have a shelf life of up to 3 years and cover 400-500 square ft.

Do you need a primer?

For best results, use FLYNT METAL PRIMER on new metal or rusted metal, then apply FLYNT WHITE, FLYNT TAN and FLYNT PEARL GRAY paint as the topcoat. If it is a previously painted surface and the existing coat is still in good shape, simply sand (or use a wire brush) deteriorated areas or rusty areas back to bare metal and spot prime. If using FLYNT WHITE PAINT over a dark surface, for best results, use FLYNT METAL PRIMER first.


FLYNT METAL PRIMER is a heavy-duty alkyd primer designed for protection of exterior (and interior) rustable metal surfaces. If has excellent corrosion protection, and because it is white, it can be top-coated with one coat of white paint, which is advantageous when economy is important. It resists the spread of rust when the topcoat is damaged, and can even be used as a finish coat if lower gloss is desired. Plus, FLYNT METAL PRIMER is chromate-free.

What if you want to use just one coat?

FLYNT WHITE, FLYNT TAN and FLYNT PEARL GRAY paint will provide good protection, but FLYNT PEARL GRAY will provide the best hiding power over discolored or dark surfaces. Like all paints, two coats are better than one.

What is drying time? & What is recoat time?

FLYNT WHITE, FLYNT TAN, FLYNT PEARL GRAY paint, and FLYNT METAL PRIMER are all dry to touch after 2-4 hours. FLYNT METAL PRIMER is dry to recoat after 12 hours under moderate conditions. However, for best results, allow to dry overnight between coats. FLYNT WHITE, FLYNT TAN and FLYNT PEARL GRAY paint are dry to recoat after 24 hours under moderate conditions. Remember: 2 light coats will outlast 1 heavy coat.

What is the coverage?

Practical coverage is 400-500 square feet per gallon on most surfaces. Coverage may vary due to surface irregularities, rough texture or spray loss.

What about surface preparation?

All surfaces must be sound and thoroughly dry and free of foreign matter, including dirt, grease, wax, mildew, chalk dust, loose rust, etc. Sandblasting (or water blasting) is always best, but use a wire brush or sand paper when other means are not feasible. On previously painted surfaces, remove loosely bonded paint. If the old surface is glossy or slick, dull the entire surface with fine sandpaper or steel wool. At a minimum, spot prime bare surfaces.

Environmental Questions

and FLYNT ALUMINUM & WATER-BASED paint environmentally friendly?

With FLYNT WHITE, FLYNT TAN and FLYNT PEARL GRAY paint, you get not only the superior performance of an oil paint, but they fall well within the maximum VOC allowed (400 g/l) in most regions in the United States. The aluminum paint is under (500 g/l) VOCs which is good everywhere. Plus, they are low-odor and lead-free. Our new water-based paints are under (250 g/l) VOCs!




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