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Flynt Paint Application Guide

Flynt Aluminum Paint

All surfaces to be painted should be dry and free of moisture. Dirt and rust spots on metal should be steel brushed and all scale removed before application of paint. Stir paint occasionally and thoroughly while using. Flynt Aluminum Paint can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. 2 coats are desirable, but not necessary. Cover unused paint left in can by replacing lid tightly.

Flynt White, Tan, Pearl Gray Paint and other colors

FLYNT WHITE and FLYNT PEARL GRAY paint can be applied with a brush, roller, pad, or airless sprayer (.015-.019 tip size and 1700 psi). For best results, use natural bristles, but many all-purpose brushes or rollers will work. For roller application use 1/4 nap (a phenolic core roller cover is recommended). All surfaces need to be dry and free of moisture. The temperature of the air and surface should be above 50 F. Dirt and rust spots should be steel brushed and all scale removed before the application of paint. If necessary, lightly sand surface to dull any gloss and improve adhesion. Stir contents thoroughly before using and occasionally while using. Two light coats will outlast one heavy coat when applied to a clean, dry surface. Thick coats may even diminish dry time and durability.



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